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Brookline MA is one of the hottest condo markets in the Boston area. The Longwood Medical area is located in Brookline and there is a high demand for condos. Boston City Properties agents are experts on the Brookline condo market and are on call 7 days a week to show properties from 8am – 7pm. This website provides free access to the largest condo database in the Boston area, where literally all of the largest real estate brokerages in the Brookline area post listings to. This system includes listings in all of Brookline's condo developments such as Longwood Towers, The Brook House, and the Cypress Lofts. This database will also include condo listings in Victorian houses.


Brookline is a town that, when combined with numerous other towns and neighborhoods, makes up "Greater Boston" in Massachusetts. Located in Norfolk County, Brookline's borders include the town of Newton on the west, and six Boston neighborhoods that make up the remaining borders. As one of the larger areas around Boston – even containing its own numerous neighborhoods – the town of Brookline offers a variety of choices in residence/housing types and schools, as well as several points of interest that draw people's attention.

Though there are many different colleges in Brookline, as well as other cultural attractions, the housing prices in the area remain reasonable. Typically, when there is a college nearby, the cost of real estate property increases considerably. However, even though there are several schools in the area, housing prices sit right around the average median.

Real estate in Brookline:

While the median listing price for all homes is $929,000 – the median sales price for a single family or multi-family home is approximately $1,900,000 and the median sales price for a condominium is approximately $544,000.

While the number of colleges in Brookline may make the seemingly low cost of housing come as a surprise, it is probably not a surprise that the population of the small 6.8 square mile town is nearly 60,000 people – placing it among the densest neighborhoods in Massachusetts. And though the size of the town may be somewhat small, it certainly does not lack in areas of historical interest, nor in that may attract people to the town.

Brookline is home to one early learning center, 8 elementary/middle schools (grades kindergarten – 8th), and one high school. The Brookline high school welcomes students from over 50 different countries, making it one of the most diverse high schools in the area. In addition, the town of Brookline includes 7 institutes of higher learning, and portions of 3 other campuses (parts of Boston College, Boston University, and Wheelock College campuses are located in Brookline). Among the universities found in Brookline are Newbury College, Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, and the New England Institute of Art – as well as other well-recognized institutes.

In addition to the top-notch schools in Brookline, there are also several other points of interest in the town. History buffs may be drawn to the area by these points of historical significance. Some of these places may include two points that served as stopping points for the Underground Railroad, the Larz Anderson Park and Auto Museum (the country's oldest collection of automobiles), the birth place of John F. Kennedy (also listed in the National Register of Historic Places), and the John Goddard House (a historic home originally built in 1767). Several well-known people in history were also born and/or raised in Brookline. The town offers reasonably priced real estate properties in upscale neighborhoods, beauty, historical significance, education, and so many other things. With so many opportunities in the area, Brookline makes the perfect location for just about everyone.