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Located in one of the most appealing neighborhoods in Boston, the incredible condos located at 700 Harrison Avenue are beyond unbelievable. This collection of lofts found in South End are among the most popular and desirable in the entire Greater Boston area. Completed in 2007, each unit in this gorgeous building provides a breathtaking view of the numerous Boston attractions. Offering potential residents the option to rent or buy, as well as the option of studio, one bedroom, or two bedroom units – 700 Harrison lofts has a perfect fit that anyone could call home.

700 Harrison lofts contains a total of 84 units within the walls of its six-story structure. With options of a studio unit or units with either one or two bedrooms, the amount of space in the condos ranges from about 608 square feet to approximately 1,272 square feet. Units include flawless hardwood floors, marble bathrooms, walk-in closets, and windows that reach from the ceiling to the floor – providing a view like no other. Each loft includes washer and dryer hookups, and a kitchen that every chef has dreamed about – with top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances that perfectly accent the beautiful granite countertops. For a little personal relaxation time, units include private terraces with a great view of the Boston skyline. Last but not least is an element that is highly sought after in every big city – private parking. 700 Harrison lofts provides direct elevator access to the private parking garage, with at least one space per unit guaranteed. In the bustling streets of the Greater Boston area – it's a deal that can't be beat!

When it comes to renting or purchasing a condominium, location is key. Potential residents are typically interested to know the distance between the property and things such as restaurants, stores, parks, public transportation, etc. The good news is that 700 Harrison lofts are perfectly placed – with everything necessary nearby. The location of these luxury condos is in the midst of numerous options as far as restaurants, shopping centers, schools, art and cultural attractions, and several others. The countless restaurants in the area include the popular Estragon, a Spanish restaurant and La Ventas, a European restaurant – on location. The neighborhood isn't short on points of interest either, with the famous Boston University School of Medicine found on the next block, next to the Boston Medical Center. The choice of schools is a wide range also, as there are 8 elementary schools, 9 middle schools, and 8 high schools – all located within one mile of 700 Harrison. And with a large percentage of people in the area using public transportation, of course that is a major factor. A positive note – there's a bus stop right on the corner of the street, as well as a stop for the Silver Line (MBTA) rapid bus transit service less than a mile away. With everything one could possibly need within walking distance, these lofts truly are near everything needed!

These lofts are simply amazing. In addition to all of the other positive elements, these lofts are also a great price. While the average list price of homes in South End is approximately $1,110,176 – these condos can be purchased, on average, for (depending on size of unit) between about $400,000 and approximately $830,000. The rental prices of these units are nearly identical to the averages in the area. Offering beauty, great location, numerous amenities, and a great price – it can't get much better than 700 Harrison luxury condos.


By crossing the street diagonally from the Harrison lofts, the Art Block condos can be found. Located at 725-735 Harrison Avenue, these units are quite the attention-grabber. Offering the option of either one bedroom or two, these luxury lofts certainly live up to their name – appealing largely to the artists in everyone. By combining the splash of artsy flavor with modern decorating styles, these units create the perfect medium. Each condo supplies windows large enough to create entire walls of glass, allowing the natural beauty of the sun to illuminate the residence. Found in the midst of one of Boston's most popular neighborhoods – South End – the Art Block condos are highly desirable, and it's easy to see why.

Constructed in 2006 – 2007, this particular development consists of two five-story structures, that contain a total of 54 townhouses and lofts that are designed around the historic Joshua Bates Art Center. Offering exhibition areas and/or galleries both inside and out, Art Block Boston aims to enlighten the community with local artists' work. And of course, with the countless artists who view the lofts, the attention to detail and professional touch is flawless. The purpose of many aspects of these lofts is to create an open and spacious feel, and that is certainly achieved. In addition to the ceiling-to-floor windows, these condos include 22′ ceilings – offering a free and open view of the residence. For those who like their privacy though, there's no need to worry, as these 2-level townhouse lofts include their own private entrances. Including one or two bedroom options, as well as one, one and a half, or two bathrooms, these lofts are the perfect fit for many. The mixture of traditional and modern styles is part of what makes these units so desirable. The up-to-date and open kitchen space and dining area, luxury bathrooms, and loft bedrooms are all combined into one amazing living space. The added benefit of private parking available makes these units a deal that would be nearly impossible to match.

Located in the center of the South End neighborhood, the Art Block Harrison condos are within walking distance of just about anything anyone could need. Located within a mile of these luxury units are numerous shopping centers, several historic locations, art and cultural elements, and other points of interest. Directly across from Boston University School of Medicine and Boston Medical Center, these condos are placed in a great spot. There's a choice of several different schools in the area, as well as some of Boston's most top-notch, highly ranked restaurants. For those who want to make great use of their beautiful kitchens (who wouldn't?), there's a supermarket located just about a half a mile away also. The numerous shopping centers within a few minutes' walk provide items such as clothing, furniture, floral arrangements, home décor, and countless others. Public transportation, too, is just a minute or two away, as there is a bus stop on the next block in either direction, as well as a stop for the Silver Line rapid bus transit service nearby. With gas stations in the area also, nothing is left uncovered. Everything needed is easily accessible in a few minutes' time – making the ArtBlock condos even more incredible!

Now of course affordability is something that crosses everyone's minds. And with the average listing prices for home in South End topping $1.1 million, these townhouses and lofts are a steal. Average sales prices for these units (depending on whether it is a loft or townhouse, how many bedrooms, and square footage) range from about $425,000 to approximately $660,000 – which means residents get the luxury they desire at about half of the area's average listing price. Whether potential buyers are art enthusiasts or not, the ArtBlock Harrison condos are sure to please.


Also found in Boston's South End neighborhood is the beautifully constructed Dover Lofts. As a highly sought after and desirable residence, this condominium development is one that has no problem sparking conversations and plenty of interest. Though it may be one of the smaller collections of condos in the neighborhood, that is certainly the only area in which the Dover Lofts are lacking. With older, industrial style buildings dotting the neighborhood, this residence was designed to fit right in. In the center of South End's SOWA arts district, these lofts are typically viewed as a closer relative to apartments. Regardless of opinion on that matter though, the units within the walls of 139 East Berkeley Street are truly incredible.

The fact that Dover Lofts includes only 16 units is a greatly appealing factor to many. On the other hand, because of the high demand for these gorgeous living spaces as well as the relatively low number at this location – the rush to purchase or rent may make it slightly more difficult to obtain residence here. However, should one be lucky enough to grab this amazing deal, they're certainly getting one of the most beautiful homes in the area. The Dover Loft building, constructed in 2003, offers many of the same desirable aspects as other South End condos. The first of the options involve deciding on renting or purchasing a one bedroom or two bedroom 'apartment'. Including large windows and high 10′ to 11′ ceilings, these units provide an airy feeling as well as an uninterrupted view of the beautiful Boston skyline. Sticking with the idea of free spaces – providing a look and feel of an even larger residence – these lofts offer open kitchen and living areas. Combining an older, traditional feel with modern amenities, the Dover Lofts accomplish the difficult feat of achieving the perfect medium. Lofts include up-to-date stainless steel kitchen appliances and décor, and classic, beautifully decorated stone baths. Each unit comes fully furnished with top-of-the-line items. This includes all necessary living, dining, kitchen, and bedroom furniture, as well as large flat-screen televisions and an in-unit washer and dryer. And if all of that wasn't enough, this location even offers an even more astounding view of Greater Boston – from the roof-top deck. Though the deck is shared between residence, it's hard to beat the view from atop this wonderful building.

Though the Dover Lofts are located closer to the edge of South End – near the Massachusetts turnpike and Interstate 93 – it is still in a great position. All found within a distance of only a few blocks, are several needed locations. These locations include (within just the few surrounding blocks): two restaurants, a supermarket, a gas station, an art gallery, a park, and three bus stops, including a stop for the Silver Line. Therefore, despite the fact that the Dover Lofts are not located in the center of South End, they are still found in a great spot – it can't get much better than quick access to anything necessary.

The average price of the units in Dover Lofts are considerably lower than the average listing price of homes in the South End area. With average list prices over $1.1 million, the condos for sale in this building are an exceptional deal! One bedroom units start at approximately $449,000 and two bedroom units start at approximately $629,000 – which nearly cuts the average list price in half! For those looking to rent an 'apartment' in the building; one bedroom units start at about $1,900 and two bedroom units start at about $4,000 (on average). So, whether looking to rent or buy, Dover Lofts are the perfect investment!


Not to be outdone by other neighborhoods in Greater Boston, the town of Brookline offers its own luxury condos. Known as Cypress Lofts, this new construction building is located in one of the largest areas in the entire Greater Boston. With a total area of 6.8 square miles, the limits of Brookline are home to over 60,000 people, making these types of residences even more desirable. The highly sought after Cypress Lofts were all spoken for before this project was even complete. And though the building style is new construction, it certainly doesn't lose any of the traditional styles that it shares with the other buildings in the area. It has just the right touch of modern design to be noticeable, yet not so much that it separates it from the rest of the neighborhood. Hoping to achieve the perfect combination of traditional design, modern style, luxury, and affordability – Cypress Lofts surpasses any and all expectations.

Found at 323 Boylston Street in Brookline, the Cypress Lofts residence was constructed in 2005-2006. This elevator building was transformed into 29 breathtaking luxury condominiums. From the ground up, the lobby is a beautiful first site, and the ground floor offers commercial space. Entering the lofts will reveal amazing features including high ceilings, open rooms, and large windows – providing a feeling of freedom while offering uninterrupted views of the extending Boston skyline. A majority of these units are 2 bed, 2 bath; however, there are a few units with more or less bedrooms and/or bathrooms. The condos also include modern kitchens, with top of the line stainless steel appliances that perfectly compliment the granite countertops. Custom built cabinets and a stunningly convenient breakfast bar are "the cherry on top" of the kitchen and dining area. Heading to what is widely considered the favorite room in a home – the master bedroom – the awe-inspiring beauty truly sets in. The huge master suite is complete with an unbelievable amount of closet space, and the private master bath. The bathroom found within the master bedroom creates an incredibly relaxing ambiance that would be difficult to find elsewhere. The spacious second bedroom is perfect for just about anyone, as it also offers a large amount of closet space and homey feeling. Making the residence even more convenient is the washer and dryer that are included in each individual unit. And if all of those incredible things aren't a deal-maker, there's one more element that may possibly be a favorite aspect of these condos – private, indoor, heated parking. The underground parking garage includes at least two spaces for each condo. During those chilly months, it can't get much better than getting in a car that's already warmed up. This rare aspect definitely sets Cypress Lofts apart from the rest!

When it comes to renting or purchasing a home, location is certainly of the upmost importance. Located right off of Route 9, the Cypress Lofts are in a great position. With restaurants, shopping, and plenty of other conveniences nearby, it's all pretty easily accessible. Found within a half-mile of Cypress Lofts are multiple restaurants, schools, non-profit organizations, stores, and parks. Also found within that half-mile distance is an ATM, a gas station, and a grocery store. The area also maintains several forms of public transportation, including several bus stops and a stop for the MBTA Green Line right down the street. With quick access to transportation, travel is made easy – making this location perfect.

As it may or may not be known, the median listing price for homes in Brookline is approximately $929,000. So the fact that the average sales price for these condos is far lower than the average listing price for the area, is simply unbelievable. Based on the last price paid for these lofts, the average sales price for a unit in this building is approximately $708,745. Being positioned perfectly, designed unlike any other, and at an affordable price – makes a condo at Cypress Lofts a steal!


The Sepia Condos in South End, also known as the condos at Ink Block, is a brand new collection of luxury condominiums – coming in 2015. Named in honor of the printing business – this location combines top of the line architecture, the newest designs possible, and the newest materials and luxuries currently available. The development is taking place at the location that once belonged to the Boston Herald. After the Herald relocated, the building was purchased, and construction began in April, 2014. Expected to be completed by mid-2015, some of these incredibly luxurious units have already been purchased. It is said that the Ink Block development – especially Sepia – will act as somewhat of a gateway to the South End, due to its great location in regards to downtown and public transportation, as well as its shops nearby.

Found at 32 Traveler Street, the Sepia condos will consist of 83 luxury units precisely positioned throughout its eight-story structure. The building – constructed of glass, steel, and brick – will include 8 different floor plans. The options will include studio units, as well as one, two, and three bedroom units. Like many of the luxury condos in the Boston area, Sepia condos will include elements such as central air conditioning, a washer and dryer in each unit, hardwood floors, and large windows that span from the ceiling to the floor – which of course offer a breathtaking view of the Boston skyline. The kitchens will contain high-end appliances to will go perfectly with the unbeatable hand-made stone counters and pendant lighting. Wool carpet in the bedrooms will add comfort to the beauty. Bathrooms will include decorative lighting, quartz counters, large tiles, unique bathroom fixtures, and glass shower enclosures. The relaxation level that these bathrooms will create will be out of this world. In addition to the amazing design and detail of the condos, Sepia also offers unbelievable features and services outside of the individual units. Some of the rare elements that this location provides include: A fitness center; club room lounge with a kitchen; package-accepting service; roof-top deck including a gas grill and a pool; climate controlled storage room; computer controlled access; dog washing station; electric car charging port and car detailing center; concierge service; and attached underground parking and whole foods mart. A majority of the features and services that Sepia offers are not found at any other condo developments – not even luxury developments. These unique services and features seem to make these condos nearly irresistible!

Located in the heart of South End, Sepia is just minutes away from nearly everything imaginable. Within a short distance of these condos is everything from grocery stores to night clubs – there's something for everyone! Within walking distance of this development is multiple restaurants, shopping options, grocery marts, options for nightlife entertainment, schools, parks, and art and cultural attractions. Public transportation – including nearby bus stops, as well as MBTA stations – also just steps away offers the chance to travel throughout the city within a short amount of time.

Of course price is important when it comes to purchasing a home. For everything offered, prices at Sepia are approximately:

Studios unit, one bath; 503 to 505 square feet; from mid-$400,000s to mid-$500,000s
One bed, one bath; 86 to 704 square feet; from mid-$600,000s to mid-$700,000s
One bed, one-and-a-half bath; 843 square feet; mid $800,000s
One+ bed, one bath; 868 to 1,036 square feet; from high $790,000s to high $800,000s
Two bed, one bath; 946 square feet; mid $800,000s to high $800,000s
Two bed, two baths; 960 to 1,275 square feet; mid $900,000s to low-$1 million
Two bed, two-and-a-half baths; 1,212 to 1,375 square feet, mid-$1 million
Three bed, three baths; 1962 square feet; low-$2 million range

Though prices may be slightly higher than other condo developments in the area, the extra amenities, features, and services at Sepia condos certainly make up for the difference. As a brand new development, with so much room to grow, these condos make an incredible investment.


Including the Sepia condo development on the block, the rest of the Ink Block condos are just as amazing. The development of Ink Block, expected to be completed in summer/fall of 2015, brings condominiums in the area to a whole new level. Including both apartments for rent, as well as condos for purchase, Ink Block is made up of 3 different buildings (not including Sepia condos on the other end). The $200 million project of Ink Block will include 85,000 square feet of new retail space that will house numerous shops and restaurants; and a 50,000 square foot Whole Foods. The former home of the Boston Herald newspaper, the six-acre area is essentially redesigning Harrison Street.

Made up of three separate, unique buildings – 1 Ink, 2 Ink, and 3 Ink – the Ink Block condos offer luxury living that fits everyone's individual liking. As described by the developers: 1 Ink focuses on gorgeous views of the Boston skyline, spacious floor plans, modern kitchens, and windows spanning the whole area of a wall. 2 Ink will be known as the "edgy" building, including open floor plans, industrial, loft-like design, artsy décor, bold black cabinets, and highly contrasting colors – bringing out the true artist in everyone. 3 Ink focuses more on the homey feeling, including inviting, warm colored wood décor, subtle finishes, quartz countertops, and modern amenities. With the option of which building would best suite each potential resident's needs or wishes, Ink Block is set out to satisfy everyone. The incredible amenities that these units offer are nearly impossible to match. Some of the most unbelievable elements of these developments include: Fitness center; skyline view lounge and swimming pool; security and concierge services; club room with a kitchen; pet grooming and play areas; attached access to Whole Foods; garage parking; car detailing center; unit cleaning available; grocery delivery and dry cleaning available; and quick highway access I-90 and I-93. Also, a commonly favorite aspect of these condos is the attached garage parking garage. With the option of which style of living is preferred, as well as amazing services and amenities, Ink Block is certainly top-notch living space.

Like Sepia condos, the Ink Block condos are located within a short distance of basically every essential anyone could need. Within walking distance of this development is numerous shopping options, restaurants, parks, schools, art and cultural attractions, nightlife entertainment options, and public transportation, including easy access to public transportation such as the MBTA Red, Green, and Silver lines. In addition, covered access to Whole Foods is a perfect option in that not-so-great weather. It can't get much better than that.

Prices of the condo developments located on Ink Block are:

Studio Condos begin at about $489,000
One Bed Condos begin at about $599,000
Two Bed Condos begin at about $829,000
Three Bed Condos begin at about $1,800,000

While some of the larger condos in these specific buildings may be a big pricier than other similar condos, the extra features make it all worth it. These unique, difficult-to-match features and amenities certainly make these units a rare investment opportunity.


Rent to own apartments are an amazing opportunity for those interested in the real estate market and/or investing in virtually no-risk elements. Everyone needs a home, so rent to own apartments are a great idea. As the name suggests, rent to own options are a combination of rental agreements and purchasing a home. However, instead of purchasing a home, as the entire amount is likely not available all at once, an agreement is reached between the buyer and seller. They essentially agree to the possibility of purchasing the property in the future. In the meantime, the potential buyer resides in the property, paying rent – and if they decide to buy in the future, the amount of rent paid to date is counted towards the total price of the home – leaving just what remains from the original list price.

As there are positives and negatives to nearly everything in life, there are also positives and negatives involved when considering the rent to own option. However, typically the positive aspects far outweigh the negatives. Some of the benefits of rent to own include:

For buyers:

The chance to purchase a home with less than great credit, and hopefully improve credit rating while making payments.

The opportunity to lock in the price of the home – meaning that the buyer only pays the original listing price, even if the value or price of the home rises.
The chance to get to know a neighborhood or area, and getting familiar with it, without making a huge commitment. However, if the area is well-liked, the purchase can be made without the inconvenience of having to relocate.

For sellers:

The opportunity to make extra money on a property that is already owned.
A larger pool of potential homebuyers, as not everyone has perfect credit, and those with less than great credit can still occupy and agree to the terms.
The chance to possibly get a higher price, as payments cost more than making a purchase outright.

The likelihood of great upkeep on the property – as the renter is a potential buyer, therefore wants to keep the property in great condition.

In the Boston real estate market especially, rent to own homes are the ideal investment idea for nearly everyone. With countless advantages for everyone involved, what could be better than the incredible opportunity to live with stability as well as flexibility? In the Greater Boston area, especially, there are several options as far as condominiums and potential rent to own deals. The perfect city for those interested in investing in some of the country's most beautiful and luxurious real estate property, Boston simply can't be beat – it offers the best of so many aspects of living, business, entertainment, and life-altering opportunities. Not many things in the world today offer the astonishing benefits that are possible in the rent to own apartments, or condominium markets – especially in breathtaking Boston.