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Jamaica Plain


While it is widely known for becoming one of the first streetcar cities in the United States, Jamaica Plain has so much more to offer. As one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the Greater Boston area, the neighborhood of Jamaica Plain, with a total area of 4.4 square miles, is home to just under 38,000 people. A large percentage of the population is immigrants from several different countries, whose primary language is Spanish – offering other residents of the area the chance to learn about different cultures. And even though this neighborhood isn't home to large retail chains, that doesn't mean everything people need isn't readily available. Jamaica Plain relies heavily on locally owned stores and markets – investing its money back into the community, and keeping it close to home.

With a large number of condos for sale, the market in Jamaica Plain is flourishing. And after a number of years without significant change, the spike in the market is a 'breath of fresh air' – especially to the locals. Holding a higher percentage than most of the neighborhoods nearby, 80% (or more) of the real estate for sale in Jamaica Plain at any given time is condominiums. Although it may not be the highest ranked in certain categories, the neighborhood is among the top 10 areas within Greater Boston. With the large number of condos to choose from, this area is perfect for those in the market for an incredible condo at a great price.

Real estate in Jamaica Plain:

While the median listing price of all homes is $519,000 – the median sales price of a single family or multi-family home is approximately $990,000 and the median sales price for a condominium is approximately $399,000.

The sales prices of real estate properties in Jamaica Plain are nearly identical to the city of Boston. While there are those individuals who prefer to live in a large city, there are also ones who don't. Jamaica Plain is an excellent solution. Just minutes away from Boston – especially with the forms of public transportation available – the neighborhood provides a smaller town feel without having to give up the big city perks.

Jamaica Plain is also very involved in trying to improve the real estate market. Numerous times over the last few decades – vacant buildings, rundown houses, and unused commercial buildings have been bought and transformed into low income residential housing or condominiums. Due to the low prices made available, the area attracts several college students who search for affordable housing and good transportation.

In addition to the increasing popular real estate market, Jamaica Plain is home to many other attractions. After the wave of college students moving to the neighborhood, Jamaica Plain began opening arts centers, bookstores, galleries, and music clubs aimed at the population of students. And perhaps one of the most popular parts of Jamaica Plain is the portion of Emerald Necklace Park system. This chain of parks spans approximately 1,100 acres, a part of which are located within the boundaries of Jamaica Plain. This includes two parks (one of which houses the Franklin Park Zoo), a large plant collection, and a breathtaking pond. Offering residents top-of-the-line housing, affordable prices, gorgeous scenery, and incredible public transportation – it cant get much better than Jamaica Plain.